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Our Method

Proven ways to restoring peace in your mind

Adjunct Therapy

To boost the effectiveness of the acupuncture, we provide a few different types of therapies during the acupuncture session. They are adopted for certain reasons, but some clients just ask for them even when not necessary. The most popular one is cupping.



Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine. Special cups are put on your skin and suction is created. It is used for many purposes including to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage. 


Studies have shown that stress contributes up to 80% for the development of any illness. In addition to acupuncture, reflexology is a great way to deal with stress. We use reflex maps of points and areas in ears, hands, and feet for stress, anxiety, pain, and fatigue. Certain organs can also be targeted, such as stomach and urinary bladders. 


Moxibustion has been used to treat a great range of symptoms for more than 2500 years. There are two types, direct and indirect. Direct type consists of burning dried mugwort on particular points, and indirect type includes a barrier between the burning mugwort and skin. Dr. Kim is a master of moxibustion, and he will happily demonstrate it on his own body if you want to see how it is done.

Electrical Stimulation

Two needles are used at strategic acupuncture points and connected to a machine that passes a small electric current through the needles. Electroacupuncture is a great way to treat neurological diseases, chronic pain, muscle spasms, and paralysis.

Infrared Heat Therapy

Detoxification, skin purification, improved circulation, relaxation, reduction of muscle tension, or pain relief are some of the roles of infrared therapy. 

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