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You've been struggling with chronic health concerns, and you have tried different medications, doctors, and procedures. You may sometimes notice yourself not enjoying life as much as you should because physical pain, aging skin, low quality sleep, and so many other factors put you under stress. 

Most people are used to the "one size fits all" approach when dealing with health symptoms. For example, someone might experience a headache due to stress (one of "excess symptoms" in Eastern medicine), and another

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might have a headache due to anemia (one of "deficiency symptoms" in Eastern medicine). It is common to take a pain reliever for both cases. However, two different treatments should be given since the causes are not the same. 

We hope you understand that no one's health care should be "one size fits all" and you need a customized care for your priceless health. At Complete Harmony Acupuncture, the root cause of the symptoms is identified and treatment and care plans are designed so that our final goal of complete harmony of body and chi can be achieved.

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Message from Dr. Kim

We maintain cars, houses, and other things we value. Similarly, we need to take good care of our body as well except that the care has to be fit according to each individual's specifications. Even if you don't have any health concerns, you can prevent future health concerns. If you do have symptoms, we will lead you to the proven path to healing.

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