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Why Choose Us?

It's NOT about "what." It's about "HOW."

Chi is a term to describe the life force in our body, and acupuncturists help clients by managing the flow of chi. While it is very true that your chi can be influenced by acupuncture practices, other important factors are ignored by many acupuncture clinics, and they are the clean and healthy environment and the trust for the practitioner.

To provide the healthy and clean environment, our treatment rooms are cleaned well after each client's visit. Treatment tables, side tables, and doorknobs are constantly disinfected. Our floors are cleaned at least twice a day. Table linens, pillow cases, towels, and drape sheets are cleaned and sanitized off-site in a facility equipped to safely clean medical linens. Sheets and pillow cases are changed in between every client. Even the air is not reused since air purifiers remove airborne contaminants in the whole facility.

We also pride ourselves on nature themed treatment rooms. When you open the barn door of the treatment rooms, you will instantly feel like you are in the middle of nature and forget about your stress and worries. In addition, unlike other acupuncture clinics, our treatment rooms are spacious so that you don't have that "squished" feeling during the session and have relaxing and enjoyable experiences.

To build trust with our clients, we try our best for good communication. During the first visit, your customized acupuncture treatment plan is thoroughly explained by Dr. Kim, and an orientation session is held to help you understand acupuncture treatments. We strive to communicate clearly and honestly with our clients.

Yes, we do acupuncture the right way, and you will know why once you try us.

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